Calming music #1 – Music for calming down

In the Calming music series, we supply you with free, specially designed music, to help you calm down. The calming music in this series is designed specifically to help you relax, de-stress, and calm down. We recommend closing your eyes, and listening in headphones, for the maximum calming effect. Take this opportunity to forget your stress for a while, and let the calming music do its work!


Hello, and welcome to the Calming music series. In this first part, we supply you with a unique track, made completely by us, designed to help you calm down. It’s based on the principles of the song scientifically propsed to be the most calming song of all time.

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This is the first piece of music, in our series of calming music. Enjoy, and we hope it helps calming you down!

How the calming music is made

The principles of the calming music in this series can be summarized as follows:

  • The music is made with a steady tempo at 60 beats per minute. This has been proposed to be the optimal tempo for your heart to sync to.
  • The music is about 10 minutes long. This allows the possibility of your brainwaves synchronizing to the tempo, by the act of something called brainwave entrainment. This, while a bit controversial, is proposed to take around 5 minutes to have effect.
  • The background of the calming music is designed to be natural and relaxing. In includes natural sounds like rain, wind, and similar.
  • The musical contents of the calming music are very predictable. When music is very predictable and repetitive, it allows your brain to relax, and refrain from trying to guess what’s coming next.

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Also, check back here soon for more calming and relaxing music!