Definition of Stress – What is Stress

Stress is a feeling of uneasiness and anxiousness, where pressures from the outside world affects your personal sense of well being.

Simply put, you get stressed when you feel that the demands put on you, either by yourself, your surroundings or anything else, exceeds the capabilities you have to meet these demands. You get a fear of not being able to handle the situation, or situations, at hand and start feeling pressured.

How does it feel?

This feeling may bear an effect on your body and sheer physical state, through activation of your nervous system. A purely natural reaction of your body, that everyone experience from time to time, and nothing to fear. The definition of stress and how we experience stress might vary slightly among us, but stress has a physical effect on us that stays the same.

This shows through an increased heart rate, more rapid breathing, tensening of the muscles and an increased activity of your immunal system while stress hormones enter your blood stream. The body is designed this way in order to fight of threats, and to prepare the body for survival in tense situations – a common source of stress for the early man.

Stress might not be connected to your survival in the same way in a more modern society. However, it still makes out an important part of your health, and might cause a lack of well being and fatigue after prolonged exposure. Living with stress hormones in your body for a longer period of time may affect your immune system, possibly rendering you sick more often and giving you less time to recover.

Should I fear stress?

Stress is not something to fear, as it is a natural emotion in the human body, and functions as a defense. However, if you find yourself in a position where the body’s natural defense by itself has turned into a problem, making you feel bad or is getting you down in any other way – then perhaps it is time to rethink some things, and make sure that the defense, stays just a defense. Even if you shouldn’t fear stress, and if you can appreciate its function in the body, it should never run your life.

This is why it is important to distinguish between normal stress, as a healthy part of your life, and the extreme stress that is affecting you in ways that do you harm.

What do I do, then?

If this is the case, there are several methods to use in order to reduce the stress in your everyday life, to be found for your potential benefit, on this website. By reading and understanding the definition of stress, you will have an easier time understanding the rest of the content.

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