4 major effects of stress on health – the things you don’t think about

Let’s face it. You’re here for a reason, right? You didn’t just stumble on to this page because you find stress to be a nice and relaxing way of life. You probably didn’t fully appreciate some parts of this wonderful phenomenon called stress, finally leading you to end up on a page on how to handle it. Just to make sure we’re on the same page.

It might, however, sometimes be hard to keep in mind why it is important to handle stress. You don’t really think about it, you just live it, let each day runs its course day in and day out, not questioning how it is affecting you, whether it is healthy or not, and what you can do to feel better. Sounds familiar? For most people it is.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the effects of stress on health, and particularly some things you might not really be thinking about regularly. We all know stress affects us, right? But how it affects us is not always very clear.

So we present you with 4 major effects of stress on health, and we will inform, highlight and finally propose some things you can do to deal with these effects of stress on health in your life. Let’s bring those hidden dangers out in to the light, and blast them with a healthy dose of relief.



1. How is your stress affecting your loved ones?

Something you might not consider usually, is how you affect your loved ones when you are stressed. It’s easy to view stress as a personal problem, something that only affects you personally and has no bearing on anyone else. But in fact, the people around us respond to the way we are, just like we respond in kind to them.

Through this, you could actually be affecting your environment quite a lot, and the well-being of the people around you could be altered based on your state of stress. We all know how it goes, you’ve had a hard day, things have been going wrong since step one, work was lousy, and you get home to finally relax. Instead you snap at people, and accidentally channel the negative energy their way.


Woops! But it happens to all of us. We all have bad days, the problem is however when these bad days become a habit. It’s not too fun to be around a person who is constantly tense or angry, and it will be reflected back from people as they in turn become defensive. It can if unfortunate, create a negative spiral, which seems impossible to break.

Now, naturally other peoples well-being is not necessarily your responsibility, but it can be nice to think about how you affect the people around you, especially as this is one of the effects of stress on health, as this behavior in turn not only affects the well-being of people around you. But also your own, as you get the emotions reflected back at you.

Apart from that, it really highlights the fact that you are snappy a lot of the time, and that this could be a warning signal of the effects of stress on health, that you haven’t been thinking about.

So try to think about your loved ones and the effects of stress on health, for both their and your own sake. Don’t let stress become a wedge between you.


What you can do to battle the effects of stress on health through this behavior, is to embrace your environment. Ask the people around you how they perceive you, bring them in to your life. It will be greatly appreciated. And remember – don’t let the strain of an unrelated problem be lashed out on someone who didn’t deserve it!


Cerishing loved ones is beneficial for all well-being.


2. Is this really what you want out of life?

It is difficult to stop up and think about the things we are actually doing with our lives. It can reach the point where you have severe effects of stress on health, both physically and mentally, but you still don’t think about acting on it. It’s just not how we are programmed as people, and realizing a negative pattern is very hard to do once you’re already in it. Sometimes you just have to stop up and think: are the things that I am doing, really making me feel good?

You might be pursuing a career, keeping an active social life or just fighting to achieve your personal dream. It can be the best of times. But it can also be the harshest. If your dream, job or social life is causing you severe stress, the effects of stress on health can be rough, debilitating and not to mention life threatening.

Not to paint a gruesome picture on the wall, but in order to achieve the long term goal, you need to make sure that you are healthy enough to enjoy the spoils of your efforts. In this case, it’s important that you keep asking yourself along the way if you’re really doing the things you want out of life, in order to make sure that the effects of stress on health, are primarily good ones. Always think long term, but make active short term decisions.

More often than not, health has to come first.



3. Has life lost all color? The devious effects of stress on health.

I think we’ve all experienced this feeling. It is what I call the time of the day before I’ve had my morning coffee! It can be a seriously draining experience though, feeling like life is pretty meek, grayish and not very exciting. Even the things you used to enjoy, seem uninteresting, pointless or even boring. Not too fun. Morning coffee aside, this could actually be one of the effects of stress on health. It is not very unlike the symptoms of depression. Which is why it is extremely important to deal with.


Stress, especially chronic stress, can lead to  a severe lack of motivation, lust for life and a general feeling of being low in emotion. Having a constant or prolonged pressure on the mind and body will tax the resources you have, drain your system and after dealing with what appears to be a threat, you just feel completely fatigued. In need of recuperation.

If this happens to you, you have to take it seriously. The effects of stress on health are very important, and this is one of the major things that can start occurring gradually, and before you know it, it has turned into your entire life. Not knowing when it happened, or how to get out of it. Just that it did.

So if this happens, make sure to take it seriously, really try to find the root of the problem and see if it is stress related. If it is, you need to find ways of removing this stress, or dealing with it in various ways, just to get back that will of life. It is essential to enjoy yourself, and as we all only have a limited number of days on this planet, we ought to make the most out of them. Being stressed and depressed, are poor substitutes for that.


For some general reading on stress management and how to stave off the negative effects of stress on health check out these articles about coping mechanisms, and stress management.


Make sure to keep life colorful and fun.


4. Trouble relaxing in general?

Another way you start noticing the effects of stress on health, is when you find yourself not being able to relax even when you’re completely free. This is one of the effects of stress on health that you definitely do not expect, nor think about until you’re already affected by it. It is, yet again, a consequence of the body being on red alert most of the time. It will teach your body that there is no room for relaxation, as new threats are around the corner at all times. Basically, your body has become overly sensitive to stress, as it has experienced too much of it lately.

The trick here, is to re-learn your body, and facilitate a more normal, and healthy response. Not only taking adequate time for rest, but being able to shut off your mind from the stressors too. This is not an easy thing to do, as it requires a lot of practice, but dealing with the stressors on a practical, as well as a cognitive level is crucial.


The effects of stress on health can be devious, and hard to notice, but once you start losing rest over stress, the negative health consequences are sure to follow. Rest, just like social relations, are important elements of our lives, that need to be fulfilled regularly. Otherwise you will run the risk of burning out, or becoming increasingly demotivated.

So once you start noticing that you can’t even relax, even when there’s nothing on the table. You should start looking into yourself, for the cause of why this is happening, and how you can resolve it. Usually it is a matter of dealing with practical problems, stressors, but more importantly, dealing with how you think about problems. How your mind deals with stress, once it occurs. For more tips on this, I highly recommend reading about these 7 psychological factors that affects stress.

The effects of stress on health are manifold, some obvious, some more hidden. What is important however, is that you can identify the stress in your life, whatever shape it may take. And learn how to handle, reduce and finally, live with it. Life is supposed to be a colorful and enjoyable ride together with your loved ones, so try to find ways to relax and still be able to achieve your goals. The things you don’t think about doesn’t have to remain in the dark, just bring them out and try to deal with them the best way that you can. It will make you feel better, and the sun can start shining, just a little bit stronger again.