Evolution of Stress from 1983 to 2009 [Infographic]

It’s hard to imagine how stress has evolved over the years. With the rapid development of technology and the spread of the internet and electronic devices happening fairly recently, it is easy to wonder if there was in fact less stress just a couple of decades back.

But how has stress actually developed in the last thirty years? Has it, like many believe, in fact increased? Or are we neglecting how stressful life was just a few decades back.

How stress has evolved in the last three decades

In this infographic about stress, we present research that contrasts the perceived levels of stress from 1983 to the levels of stress experienced in 2009. This research has looked at how various factors, like employment status, education, and age is related to how much stress you feel you are under. The results reveal some very alarming tendencies, and shows a clear cut between the amount of stress you feel and the type of life factors you have.

It also shows us how different life and stress seems to have been, just three decades ago. While some factors appears to be related to the same amount of stress in 2009 as in 1983, a lot of factors has seen huge increases in the amount of stress they are related to.

Find out how stressed you are

Read the infographic, and then go to HowStressedAmI.com, and take the free stress test given there. The test is based on the same test that was used to do the research this infographic is based on.

When you have taken the stress test, your perceived level of stress will be compared to the people in the research used in the 2009 survey displayed in this infographic. See how you stack up with what is shown on the infographic below!

The Evolution of Stress infographic

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