8 Simple Stress Management Tips

Is stress out to get you? Feeling like you keep fighting it, but regardless of how many hours you spend on tasks or how much you think about it – nothing seems to help? Don’t give up just yet, we’re going to present you some basic, simple and very useful stress management tips that are fairly easy to apply. A lot of these stress management tips involve changing the way you think about your stress, so this is help you can apply with simple means.

You’re more powerful than you might think, or feel at times, so finding your inner strengths and capacities, and learning how to deal with stress through simple stress management tips can really be beneficial. Therefore it is great to keep these following stress management tips in mind when working against a tough stream of troubles.



#1. Get to know yourself

A good thing to start with, when learning how to handle stress, is to get to know yourself. And more specifically, get to know when and how you get stressed, how stress affects you and what you can do to change it. If you know that some situations really get the better of you, start thinking about what you can do to get yourself out of those situations, or how you can change them. Maybe there are even aspects of the situation you can think differently about.

If you start thinking about the situations that really stress you out, you can pinpoint what exactly it is in the situations that affect you so hard, and why you think that is. For instance, if you feel that you always get stressed out when in traffic, but still depend on your car for work and can’t change that situation. Then maybe you can start listening to your favorite calming music when driving, to distract you from the stress.

This way, you can learn how to adjust yourself and adapt to a situation, and bring out your best sides and strengths, when you really need them.


Taking time for your rest is important


#2. Rest

Making sure to take enough time out of your day to rest, and recuperate, is one of the best stress management tips you can get. The body needs to relax, and being stressed out especially taxes the resources, straining your body. Good ways to do this is to make sure that there is enough time for sleep, but also finding the small elements of rest in your every day life, like taking a break from work when too overwhelmed, turning down work calls when at home, or not forcing yourself to socialize when you’re not feeling up for it.

When it comes to stress, you really need to stick up for yourself!



#3. Don’t feel embarrassed over your stress

It is very important that you don’t feel embarrassed over the fact that you are stressed. It is nothing to be ashamed about, and demands can get to anyone at times. Anything else would not be human. We all get stressed over different things, and to different degrees, but being easily susceptible to stress is not a weakness. One would have to consider all of the specific circumstances in your particular life that lead up to your stressful situation, which often can enhance the response. But looking at the big picture, can be very hard once already stressed.

You should however not feel embarrassed over this, as this could add to the stress, make you bottle things up rather than to talk it out, and in turn decrease your health. Being open and honest about things of this nature, usually also shows you how accepting your surroundings actually are, contrary to what you might fear. Not necessarily just stress management tips, but something to consider about life in general, as shame and embarrassment over normal human reactions usually are quite draining, and unnecessary.



#4. Deal with problems right away

This is one of those stress management tips that might seem like a given. Naturally most people try to deal with problems as soon as possible – but it is not always as easy as in theory. At times, problems might pile up, and things might seem increasingly overwhelming, rendering you incapable of action and more problems keep building on. This can create a very negative spiral, where problems are heaping up, without any bright light on the horizon.

It is not strange to feel overwhelmed like this, but just taking a breath, structuring up the various things that need to be addressed, and start dealing with them one by one can help you assert control over the situation. Leaving things for later, will just give you time to ruminate over them, and start worrying about when you actually have to do them later. So if possible – try to start right away!



#5. Start easy, finish big

Some stress management tips goes well together, and related to the previously mentioned point, starting easy and finishing big is a great way to approach upcoming problems. The idea behind this is to start with the smaller, easier problems first, in order to remove the stress that it generates.

Naturally, you might feel more stressed over something bigger, but starting off small is good for several reasons. Not only will it give you more time to think about how to solve the bigger problem, but it will also motivate you by giving you a few “easy wins” along the way. This way, you reduce some of the stress initially, taking the worst edge off and puts you in a better state for dealing with other problems. Stress is not always proportionate to the task, and even small things – or large number of tasks – can generate a big deal of stress.

By dealing with these things first, you really help yourself as much as you possibly can, and pave the way for successful problem management.


Calm waters are rare, make sure to appreciate them


#6. Don’t push yourself too hard

Being stressed can sometimes be related to having high demands on yourself, not a necessarily bad thing, as high demands lead to good achievements. But if the demands start generating way too much stress, something needs to be done about it. Like turning to a page full of stress management tips. Apart from that, it is of utmost importance to not push yourself too hard, or to have unreasonably high demands on yourself.

We’re all human, and we all have a limited capacity, time to spend and energy. Feeling tired once in a while is not only natural, it is also healthy, so expecting to perform at all times can in fact inhibit your long term performance. So cut yourself some slack, not only physically, but also mentally, in order to put yourself in a less stressed and happier state. This is another one of those stress management tips that applies to more than stress, and doing the things you want to do because of your enjoyment, rather than forcing yourself, is not just healthier and more fun, but research also supports that this actually makes you perform better.


#7. Turn the stress into something constructive

The stress management tips that you can really have good benefits of in your life, are those that turn your stress into something productive. Stress is of course not only a bad thing, it does help your body to find resources to cope with hard situations. Making sure to use the stress for what it is actually intended, can be a good way to work with your body rather than against it.

What you possibly could do, is to focus the energy you get from being stressed into the task directly. Making sure to deal with it when you are very energetic and activated.

Another productive way of using your stress, is to have a physical outlet. If you for instance have an interest in physical training, you could use the energy you get from stress to improve your performance in your sport or hobby. Stress does not need to be bad, it’s just when you start feeling negative about it that it actually becomes a problem.

Until then, you should try to use it as a resource, and take good care of the adrenaline that your body produces. After all, it is a gift for you to cherish.



#8. Never give up on yourself

To finalize these stress management tips, we’ve saved the most important one for last. This is not one of the practical stress management tips that you can implement immediately, but it is something that you definitely should keep in mind. Never give up on yourself, and your stress. If you feel that it is a problem, you need to deal with it.

Don’t just let it get the better of you. You have to keep finding ways of handling the situations, working actively for your own health and doing things for your own sake. You’re worthy of a healthy and good life, so if stress is affecting your life quality, you need to keep fighting and use good stress management tips, that appeal to you in particular, to keep living the way you want.

With help from close ones, stress management tips, techniques and healthy habits, this is not impossible.

Finding more stress management tips

If you want to find more stress management tips, you can check out our free online course on stress management, called the Stress Management Blueprint. This contains lots and lots of tips on how you can take charge, and effectively deal with your stress.

We hope these stress management tips have been helpful and that they are useful to you. Life is short, but don’t let that stress you out too much. Remember to enjoy it on the way.